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May 31, 2018
मैं डरा हुआ हूं, मुझे इस डर से निकालिए मोदी जी.
June 12, 2018

The Media has been evolving ever since it came to existence in the print media in the 18th century. However, the scope was limited in terms of geographical coverage. The arrival of Radio and TV extended the geographical coverage. It enhanced the subject scope beyond News and mass education into real-time information and entertainment. At this stage, the information era started gaining momentum and slowly reached out to every remote location in the country. The late 90’s witnessed a great revolution in Information Technology. Satellite TV replaced the traditional TV broadcasting system, people could get access to more number of channels and get global news and information in real time. Today, the media world has been completely transformed into a “high tech portal system”.  It has grown rapidly in terms of accessibility, context relativity, better reception, presentation styles and much more.


Technology has indeed had a major impact on the media trends being set today. High Definition Video has become the norm & integral component, starting from D2H TV to on-line TV channels. The second notable development is the increased accessibility. This happened through Internet TV. The on-line channels can now be viewed from a simple PC to advanced mobile Devices from any remote location.  In addition, the existing and emerging Media channels have substantially increased their quality levels to meet the global standards. The average viewers are being exposed to innumerable choices which never existed earlier. Competition has set into the Media Industry today. This is boosting the growth of innumerable channels on the Internet. The percentage of on-line Media viewer-ship is steadily increasing since 2008. Today, one in every 5 mobile users in India is using the Mobile technology to get news updates and this ration is fast increasing.

The greatest motivating factor for today’s media has been the spectacular rise of regional language channels. The true era of Information revolution is emerging now. The media is finally coming out of its self imposed language limitations. The new approach is to make the media more viewers friendly. With launch of many regional channels for News, Entertainment and Life style, viewers from the remote corners of the country where people still prefer their regional languages over others, have been increased drastically.

The social media has grown phenomenally in the last decade from being just a “friendship development platform” Almost every media channel today has a dedicated web portal that connects many global social media websites.  More than 35% of the news generated through Social Media It is also a center stage where the average viewers write/express their views and opinions about many current events freely. This helps the Channels & Media Houses in making their content more context sensitive and understandable to every viewer.

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