Speech: Emerging Trends in 21st Century Media

अजीब द्वंद है एसपी के शिष्यों और एसपी के चेलों के बीच
June 12, 2018
Swadheenta Samar Me Sugauli
June 13, 2018

“What you learn from the ground is different from what you learn from the classrooms. And when you learn this, you will understand your job.”. “Journalism is a profession with difference and is something that stands out from every other profession. It is always about the experiences and thrill to live it out”.

Journalism as a profession cannot be done from ivory towers and that it is about being at the ground zero and reporting what we witness and what we have understood from different perspectives. The need of the hour to learn more from ones experiences than from the classrooms. “All of this is possible only by being amongst people”. “that’s when the learning starts and you are a journalist for the writer in you, the activist in you and the voice in you”. Today’s media and  technology is changing the industry on a day to day basis. On this matter I want to say categorically that, “every day for a journalist it is an exam he is going through, and the result comes out the very next day. Today in the era of online media your results are out at the second you release your story”.

Honesty in journalism is very important, “The journalism is today undergoing a massive change and to cope with this change it is important to be intelligent and to have a potential and passion for this profession”.

I want to clarify in this session that, this should not be a platform for conversations on the trends that are ruling the media but it should be how the marketing strategies that take place outside cause changes inside the media. It’s a golden opportunity to interact with you people.

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